Kevin Lau

Kevin Lau 劉國偉為最有活力的新世代風水命理堪輿學家,憑著天賦的聰敏及自幼對玄學知識的濃厚興趣與不解的緣份,十數年來以信而不迷的精神不斷親身體究玄學背後的真諦。其後更有幸師承人稱現代賴布衣蘇民峰師傅學習風水命理,以最緊貼現今生活及科學化來分析事物,一針見血,給人既快且準的答案,排難解困。現為香港《信報》【面面俱玄】專欄作家,亦與不同機構合作。


曾於英國修讀電腦科學系且取得大學榮譽學士程度,決心將科學、統計學及風水命理融合,摒除一切迷信思想,以全面、客觀及科學化的角度剖析事物,引領大家在未來的日子於心靈及現實生活上活得更為豐盛。… [更多]


With inborn talent for astrology, curiosity on destiny since his childhood, and a special affinity for metaphysics, Kevin Lau is a new age Geomancer who has been enthusiastic about finding the true meaning behind for more than a decade. And more, thanks for the teachings of the most renowned Feng Shui & Astrology Master Peter So Man-fung, Kevin Lau gets more close to implement Bazi & Feng Shui theories & techniques in modern and pragmatic terms. “Hip, Fast & Accurate” – these are all you can expect from this energetic Master Lau…[More]