Made by Nature 由大自然製造

What is Feng Shui? 甚麼是風水?

Feng Shui is the study of the relationships between environment and sentient beings life. It is a complex body of knowledge based on analyzing the motions of the heavenly bodies in the universe, together with the statistic results and formula developed over centuries from the ancient time. The principle of Feng Shui is to bring balance, comfort and harmony into the living environment by examining the energy flow around the surroudings, suitably repositioning furnitures and placing of natural objects such as water, plants and rocks etc. in appropriate locations. Therefore, Feng Shui is not related to any religions, nor it is superstitious.


For instance, Water grows the Wood, Wood grows the Fire. Too much Water and Fire in a compartment results in disharmony. In this case, we can place a Wood plant to soothe this discomfort. On the other hand, Water suppresses Fire. A place with too much Fire nature would easily lead to emotionally instability and fire accident. By the same logic, we can place a glass of water to solve the problem.


Beyond Our Imagination 超乎我們的想像

The Power of Feng Shui 風水的力量

Strengthen Body & Keep Away Sickness

Stay Away From Gossips & Arguments

Find Your True Love

Success in Your Career

Beneficial to Study & Exams

Better Interpersonal Relationship & Easier to Get Helped

Easier to Give birth

Enhancing Your Wealth

Too-Risky-To-Ignore Issues 不容忽視的問題

Bad to Feng Shui 風水大忌

Construction Works (such as construction / demolition / renovation of buildings and roads, renovation of home etc.)
動土煞 (包括起樓、拆樓、修橋掘路、裝修、搭棚等)

The current year’s locations of “san sha”, presiding god, and sickness

Different kinds of negative energy flows (due to pointed-shape objects, road traffic, electrical facilities, red fire objects etc.)
各類煞氣 (如尖形煞、路衝、電煞、火煞等)

Discover Feng Shui 將看不見的風水呈現眼前

Little Experiment 小小小實驗

Experiment 1

Place a green healthy water plant in a normal place for a week, then put a music box beside the water plant, wind up 3-4 times a day. After three to four weeks, the water plant would become yellow or even withered. This is because the music box is of Metal nature. Metal suppresses Wood, so the music box badly affects the water plant.



Experiment 2

Every year, the locations of small and big illness are different. In 2016, the location of big illness is in north-east, and that of small illness is in the center of the house or working place. Place a water together with a music box beside it in the north-east and center locations in the house or working place. Wind up the music box daily. This can prevent us from the sickness.

由於每年的大病小病位也會不同,以今年 2016 的大病位於東北方而小病位於全屋或公司的正中,一般的病毒於五行上屬「土」,大家可將一個上鏈的音樂盒連同一杯自來清水放於家或公司的東北及正中位置,並且每天為音樂盒上鏈一次,這便可無形中化解這些小毛病了。

This is because the nature of illness is Earth in the Five Elements. Earth grows Metal (music box), and Metal grows Water. The power of Earth (illness) is eliminated in this process. Yet this is not the only way to remove sickness, there are a few more feng shui settings to deal with serious health problems. 



Your Unique Feng Shui Solutions 度身訂造只屬於您的風水布局

Feng Shui 4 Steps 風水 4 步曲

On-Site Inspection / Online Consultation General Procedure
實地風水堪察 / 網上風水服務一般程序

Step 1 第一步


After the appointment date (for on-site) / the payment (for online) is confirmed, please email the address and floor plan of the place to me.


For online consultation, please also attach the Google Map location, videos or photos of the indoor and outdoor surroundings, in order for me to check the furniture placements and outdoor environment.

如屬網上服務,請於 Google Map 上尋找有關地址的位置,連同該地址的室內外環境的影片或相片一併電郵給我,用作檢視有否傢具擺放不當的地方與及室外周遭有否煞氣的情況。

Step 2 第二步


After receiving the required information, i will analyze and make a feng shui setup plan, showing all the locations such as wealth, sickness, arguments, romance, friendship etc., and where to place the natural feng shui stuffs.


Download Sample of Feng Shui Setup Plan

Step 3 第三步


For on-site inspection, i will come in person with the prepared feng shui setup plan in the appointed time and date. I will inspect the premises, explain all the details in the feng shui setup plan and answer all your related questions. I will also leave the feng shui setup plan to you for your future reference.


For online consultation, a full feng shui setup plan will be sent to you in PDF form by email in 6-12 working days.

至於使用網上風水服務的客人,本人會於收妥費用與所需資料如平面圖及相片等後的大約六至十二個工作天內將有關詳細分析以 PDF 的格式電郵予客人。

Step 4 第四步


After the consultation, you can prepare and buy all the simple feng shui stuffs in the market, such as water glass, plants, music box, floor mat etc. You can contact me and ask any follow-up questions within the warranty.


Note: In order to maintain the quality of analysis, I will not provide or sell any feng shui things to clients.


Consultation Fee 顧問服務收費

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