Your Life's Weather Forecast 好比人生的天氣預報

What is Fortune-Telling? 甚麼是八字運程?

Bazi fortune-telling is an extremely accurate method to forecast one’s destiny based on one’s birth – year, month, day and time. It can translate the information brought by the birth date to understand a person’s character, potential, and the patterns of luck cycles. By analyzing on these, one can take advantage of his strengths wile minimizing his weaknesses, and most importantly, he can leverage on the luck cycles and prepare for future. During an auspicious period, he need to be proactive and dare to take bold moves to reap the rewards or else the chances would be missed out. Contrarily, during the bad luck period, he can prepare for the worst in advance both physically and mentally, and remind himself to take conservative approach in order to reduce the loss.

Bazi fortune-telling is your unique guidebook to get you well informed ahead and help you react appropriately in front of the crossroads in life. This is one of the ways to enhance your access to happiness and success.




Your Life Code 揭開你的生命密碼

Amazing Fortune-Telling 「八」大發現

Beside your pattern of luck cycles, Bazi fortune-telling can also help you uncover the following 8 aspects.



Health 健康

Any special health issues need to be aware of, such as sickness related to digestive system, brain, heart, or any inborn traits showing the potential to get cancer



Career 工作事業

What field or which kind of job is more suitable to me? Am I suitable to run my own business?



Wealth 財運

Is overall luck equal to wealth luck? A person even in bad luck cycle can have good wealth luck? Do I have luck in raffle, lottery or gambling?



Love & Marriage 愛情及姻緣

How’s the relationship with my partner? Can I make my husband prosper or the opposite? Do I have divorce chance? Will my partner have affair with others?



Helpful People 貴人運

Helpful people will offer their hands to help you when you are in need, and the help they offer is valuable, fruitful and can help you get through the problems. Is there any helpful people in my life?



Parents 父母

Is there any moment that I should pay extra more attention to my parents’ health? Moreover, to what degree could they help me? How’s my relationship and bonding with them?



Children 子女

How’s my relationship and bonding with kids? Am I easy to give birth?



Unlucky Years 人生特別衰運的年份

There must be some especially unlucky years throughout my lifetime, can I know in advance and get prepared for these bad days?


More than You Thought 比你想像中的還要多

Other Applicable Aspects 其他適用範疇

Bazi fortune-telling is not only a guidebook to your own life, it can also be used as a practical tool in different aspects of daily life.



Find a good domestic helper

The family who wants to hire a domestic helper can use Bazi fortune-telling to screen out the unsuitable and choose the best candidate. It uncovers the candidate’s personality – whether he/she is kindhearted, hard working and get along with others easily.



Bring the employees’ potential into full play

Everybody is good for something. With Bazi analysis, the management can better understand the personality, capability, potential, real interest, luck cycle etc. of the employees or interviewees, and assign job roles accordingly. Matching right employees to right jobs can bring their potential into full play, increase their sense of belonging and therefore higher efficiency in the company.



Kids’ extra-curriculum activities

By Bazi analysis, parents can truly find out the kids’ real potential and personalities, and enroll in courses and after-school activities accordingly. Parents, with reference to the kid’s future pattern of luck cycle, can even arrange the kids to take courses related to their future potential working field.


Erase your doubts 不少人心中的疑問

FAQs 常見問題

Q: I am not sure about my birth time (birth hour), can I still have the fortune-telling?


A: In general, birth year, month and date are enough to analyze on your personality, luck cycles and each year’s fortune luck. If you want to specifically ask about your next generation, such as you relationship with your children, how they would become etc., then a birth time (birth hour) is essential.


Q: It is said that the more fortune-telling or destiny prediction the person has gone through, the shorter life span he would have. Is it true?


A: No for sure. Bazi fortune-telling is based on statistics and formula calculation. Whenever the birthday of a person is known, his/her destiny and luck cycles can be predicted by Bazi analysis. Take celebrities as an example. Everyone can search their birthday on the internet nowadays; and indeed there are many curious people who have “helped” them to foresee their future by fortune-telling. If the statement is true, these celebrities would… die soon?! Therefore, this is just a superstition.


Q: If my fortune is not good, is there any way to convert it or get rid of the bad luck?


A: It depends on the situations. For example, if it is said that a persons is easy to get hurt by sharp edge like knives, scissors, or suffer from traffic accidents in a particular month, he/she can have teeth cleaned or blood donation to ease the fate of bloodshed. But for a person having a ten-year period of busy but fruitless life, there is no way to get rid of it. The only things I can help is to suggest on the kind of job he/she can engage in, and the feng shui setting to boost the luck.


Q: Can I audio record during the meeting?


A: Yes, you are very welcome to do so, with no extra charge. Please prepare the audio recording device by yourself, such as digital record pen, voice recording app on the phone etc.


Prepare Well To Your Future 助你預視未來作好準備

Fortune-Telling 3 Steps 八字運程分析三步曲

Destiny Analysis General Procedure

Step 1 第一步


Provide your birth year, month, date and time (in Gregorian calendar).

Step 2 第二步


After receiving your birth information, i will prepare a document – your Bazi Analysis which includes all the detailed information in different aspects on your Bazi fortune-telling.


Download Bazi Analysis Sample

Step 3 第三步


I will come and bring along your Bazi Analysis report which I prepared beforehand in the appointed time and date. I will explain all the details, give your advices and answer all your related questions. I will also leave this Bazi Analysis report to you for your future reference.


I fully understand that you might come up with lots of questions and wonders regarding your fortune-telling, especially after absorbing tons of new information during meeting with me. If it happens that you could not make it in time to ask during the meeting, you are welcome to ask any follow-up questions by emails or WhatsApp within the warranty period.

由於本人深明會面過程有大量關於您一生的資訊而您未必能即時吸收及提問,於日後的「保養期」內您也可放心隨時電郵或 Whatsapp 向我作出提問。

Consultation Services 顧問服務

Comparison of All Fortune-Telling Services

Free Trial



Your Text

Lifetime Analysis


HKD 3,800

Price listed above is In-Person Consultation, please visit our e-Shop if you want to use Online Service


Face-to-face meeting only for HK customers. Overseas customers - analysis report by email in 21 working days after collecting all the required information.

直接會面只限香港客人,其他地區客人可使用網上回覆服務,有關分析會於收齊所有資料後的約 21 個工作天內完成

Covers all aspects from birth to old-age


Download Bazi Analysis Sample

Meeting Time: Approx. 1 - 1.5 hours

直接會面時限約 1 - 1.5 小時

12 months for answering all related follow-up questions


Yearly Analysis


HKD 1,800

Price listed above is In-Person Consultation, please visit our e-Shop if you want to use Online Service


Face-to-face meeting only for HK customers. Overseas customers - analysis report by email in 14 working days after collecting all the required information.

直接會面只限香港客人,其他地區客人可使用網上回覆服務,有關分析會於收齊所有資料後的約 14 個工作天內完成

Covers all aspects of your fortune in current year or next year


Meeting Time: Approx. 30 - 60 minutes

直接會面時限約 30 - 60 分鐘

6 months for answering all related follow-up questions




HKD 500 /

USD 78

Online Reply Only


Analyze and advise on one aspect of your fortune (Such as Health, Career, Wealth (Investment), Love & Relationship, Kids etc)

內容針對客人某一個範圍的運程提問而作出分析與建議 (如健康、工作事業、財運、感情姻緣、子女)