Well Begun is Half Done 好的開始是成功的一半

Good Day 擇日

Selecting a good day means choosing a lucky day for an important occasion so everything will run smoothly on that day.

For instance, selecting a good day for marriage so it is more likely to be held successfully and seamlessly. Similarly, good day for moving implies a smooth process on that day, with lesser chance of furniture loss or damage, or work injuries.


Regarding to choose a date to give birth by Cesarean-section, many outsiders or even some Metaphysic masters choose a red-word luck day on Chinese Almanac as a good day to give birth. This is absolutely wrong. The fortune luck or destiny of a person is based on his four pillars in Bazi, which is calculated by lots of formula and is dependent upon his birth date, but is not based on whether the day is good to give birth. Just as Bazi analysis cannot be carried out by looking up the Chinese Almanac of your birth year. Therefore, searching a good day for Cesarean-section is complicated as it involves lots of calculations and Bazi analysis on each specific day. But it is paramount to a person as the birth date has great lifelong influence on them.


Categories 擇日類別

Short-term Purpose 短暫(做事)

Marriage 結婚

Home & Business Moving 住宅、工商搬遷

Business grand opening 公司開張

Long-term Purpose 長遠

Giving Birth by Cesarean-section 嬰兒剖腹生產

Business Date of Incorporation 公司成立日期

Consultation Services 顧問服務

Comparison of All Good Day Selection Services

Free Trial

Free Trial



Short-Term Good Day Selection (Marriage, Moving, Grand Open)

短暫性的擇日 (包括結婚、搬遷、開張)

HKD 1,800 /

USD 268 

By email reply only


The analysis result will be delivered in 7 days after collecting all the required information

有關分析會於收齊所有資料的約 7 個工作天內完成

Approx. 3 - 4 good days choices will be given

視乎情況提供約 3 - 4 天吉日選擇

Long-Term Good Day Selection (C-Section Birth, Business Incorporate Date)

長遠性的擇日 (包括嬰兒剖腹、公司成立)

HKD 3,800 /

USD 538 

By email reply only


The analysis result will be delivered in 14 days after collecting all the required information

有關分析會於收齊所有資料的約 14 個工作天內完成

Approx. 2 - 3 good day choices, with explanations on good sides of each date and time range, and my prioritization on the dates.

視乎情況提供約 2 - 3 天吉日選擇,本人會為不同日子的吉日吉時解釋當中的優點及先後次序